Goals of The PEW Department

  1. 1.The goal of the PEW Dept. is to help our students realize their physical, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual potentials by implementing a standards-based Physical Education & Wellness Curriculum.

  2. 2.Improve President’s Challenge Fitness Testing scores by an average of 10% by the end of 2012/13 school year.

  3. 3.100% of UCW students will dress for PEW (proper attire).

  4. 4.Develop a PEW website where students can obtain various handouts, announcements, etc, to stay up to date with their class.

  5. 5.Assist students with conflict resolution skills by providing opportunities in class to discuss controversial topics that require respectful listening and assertive communication skills.

  6. 6.Develop and implement incentive based leader program to guide activities.

  7. 7.Host a PEW Parent Night

  8. 8.90% of the students who complete the 30 hour state mandate in driver education will earn the Illinois Certificate of Achievement, i.e., the Blue Card.

  9. 9.Among students who earn the Certificate of Achievement, none shall be involved in a motor vehicle crash, neither as a driver, nor as a passenger, which is fatal or permanently disabling.

  10. 10.Among students who earn the Certificate of Achievement, a majority will be licensed drivers upon entry to their senior year of high school.